USB LED Neon Light

  • $ 39.95

It can't get any cuter and more adorable than this neon light! This LED-lit USB lamp will light up your life with its fantastic colors, available in various designs. It's great for decorating, as a nightlight, or for parties. 

Product Sizes:

Unicorn: 32*33cm/ 12.6*12.99"
Open: 45*22cm/ 17.72*8.66"
Dream: 45.5*15cm/ 17.91*5.91"
Love: 35*33cm/ 13.78*12.99"
Rose: 38*22.5cm/ 14.96*8.86"
Shooting Star: 40*19.5cm/ 15.75*7.68"
Rainbow: 40*20cm/ 15.75*7.87"
Dolphin: 32*28cm/ 12.6*11.02"
Alpaca: 22*40cm/ 8.66*15.75"

Material: back panel + pvc light bar
Function: Always on
Power: The product is equipped with 2M extension cord, 5V USB power supply.



Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.

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